What would of happend?

now i know the majority of you would think

A) Britain wouldnt lose mabye but who can be sure this is hypothetical

B) The USA would still be able to destroy Germany and Japan no they wouldnt be able to land in d-day without britain as a starting place and japan wouldnt have to fight indian troops as well as us

C) russia would still be able to destroy germany ultimatly no because hitler always had to keep thousands on men in france in case of a Anglo invasion and without that threat Hitler could mobilize easily enough troops to overrun Russia

Now as i said this is hypothetical so dont go mad and start crying exclaiming AMERICA SAVED YOUR ASS because no you didnt churchill saved all are asses

What would the world be like?Edit

Well for starters Africa would of fallen without british Forces Fighting in Africa

America would be quickly defeated if on a 2 front war and russia would of Fallen to Operation Barbarosa (german invasion of russia)

So Basically the world would be carved up between Germany, Italy ,Japan ,various puppet states and spain why spain because they were hitlers allies as well and why not portugal because they are and were allies of britain through not a member of the allies in ww2